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Celebrate the Season: Celine Dion Visits Jamaica

The Caribbean is no stranger to celebrity sightings, with our storied history of hosting legends like John F. Kennedy, Paul Newman, and Paul McCartney. The lure of crystal blue waters, luxury beach resort vacations, and the laid-back pace of island life still resonate with jet-setters and vacationers looking to relax and escape from it all.

True to fashion, Hollywood stars who’ve sought the solace of our idyllic Montego Bay resort in more recent years include Ryan Gosling, Alan Rickman, Emma Watson, and many others. The island will soon look forward to adding the iconic Celine Dion to that list when she arrives in the Caribbean for the 16th year of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

Commemorating and celebrating Jamaica’s independence since the festival’s first year in 1996, the festival runs from January 26th through the 28th with Canadian native Celine Dion headlining the Friday night performance. She joins an illustrious list of performers, including Alicia Keys, Lionel Richie, and Air Supply. A particular favorite in Jamaica, her highly anticipated performance promises to excite and astound island locals and guests. Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child fame will join the event’s line-up, as well as Cee Lo Green, The Temptations, Nicole Henry, Jully Black, and Destra Garcia. All in all, 25 live acts will perform over the three days of the Festival at the Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium just east of Montego Bay.

Complete your vacation in the Caribbean with this once-in-a-lifetime event and experience classic island hospitality at its finest with Round Hill. For more information about events and luxury vacations in Jamaica, or click here to book the Round Hill Jazz & Blues Special Package, contact Round Hill Hotels & Villas for more information today!