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25 YEARS AND COUNTING! Swiss Couple Vacations at Round Hill Hotel & Villas for the last 25 years

Swiss Couple, the Sigg-Fanoes, returns to Round Hill for 25 years & counting

Dr. Ruinell Sigg-Fanoe (left) and his wife Mrs. Susse Sigg-Fanoe, multi-repeat guests of Round Hill Hotel and Villas, enjoy a casual morning in their exquisite villa.

In 1990, Swiss couple Dr. Ruinell Sigg-Fanoe and his wife Mrs. Susse Sigg-Fanoe stayed at Round Hill Hotel and Villas for the very first time. This would be the first of many stays and the start of a beautiful relationship as since then, the Sigg-Fanoes have vacationed at Round Hill every year, usually for four weeks, for the last 25 years.

A year before their first stay, the couple had vacationed elsewhere but had read about Round Hill and found it fascinating. When time came for their next vacation, they knew the obvious choice was Round Hill and it’s a choice they’ve continued making ever since.

For the Sigg-Fanoes, visiting Round Hill and by extension Jamaica is like visiting family. “We feel at home”, said Dr. Sigg-Fanoe, “Whenever we come we get a lot of hugs and smiles and everyone tells us ‘welcome home’. We like the people very much. Everyone is always smiling and they make us feel very welcome. We just love the whole atmosphere and the warmth of the people.”

The Sigg-Fanoes and their dedicated villa staff share a few smiles with the camera.

The Sigg-Fanoes and their dedicated villa staff share a few smiles with the camera. From left are Carl Powell, gardener, Donna Stone, housekeeper and Marlene Wellington, also an housekeeper.

Having spent so much time at Round Hill, about 700 days in fact, the Sigg-Fanoes have stayed in nine of the resort’s 26 beautifully appointed villas and have built meaningful relationships with almost all the staff. Mrs. Sigg-Fanoe shared, “We have a lot of memories here. Every time we come we either bring friends or our family. We’ve also taken our grandchildren here. Right now we are here with our son Roman and his family.” Asked to identify one outstanding memory, the Sigg-Fanoes both agreed that all their experiences have been memorable.

Seasoned travellers, the Sigg-Fanoes have spent much time exploring Jamaica as well, visiting famous attractions like the Black River Safari, Mayfield Falls, Port Antonio and much more. According to Dr. Sigg-Fanoe however, they’ve spent a number of years exploring the island and now when they visit they “stay put” at Round Hill, enjoying all the property has to offer. With 25 years’ worth of visits to the resort, the Sigg-Fanoes have cultivated a daily routine. “We have our breakfast at 8:30am”, shared Mrs. Sigg-Fanoe, “Dr. Sigg-Fanoe loves ackee so he has that and I always have my float where I lay out in the pool and read a book especially when we’re in a villa where the pool is in the sun. Next, we go to the beach and at 12:30 we go to the beach bar where I always have a Yellowbird.” Their day is typically rounded out with lunch and the beach and a bit of sailing or snorkelling.

So in love are the Sigg-Fanoes with Round Hill that they expressed regret at not purchasing a cottage when they had the opportunity. ”We say it all the time”, said Mrs. Sigg-Fanoe, “We should have bought a cottage here.”

The Sigg-Fanoes, multi-repeat guests of Round Hill Hotel and Villas, strike a pose with their son Roman Sigg-Fanoe

It’s a family affair! The Sigg-Fanoes, multi-repeat guests of Round Hill Hotel and Villas, strike a pose with their son Roman Sigg-Fanoe (left).

The Sigg-Fanoes consider Jamaica their second home and explained that they often share the word about the island and Round Hill with their friends and family back in Switzerland. Dr. Sigg-Fanoe revealed, “We tell people that we’ve never had a bad experience here. It’s always been great. I love to go shopping in Hopewell for example. It’s so interesting to go and take a look at the shops and when I do, I get all the greetings saying ‘Hi Doc, how are you’?”

Lovers of Jamaican cuisine, the Sigg-Fanoes always travel home with Jamaican jerk seasoning, though Mrs. Sigg-Fanoe admitted that their attempts to create Jamaican food and beverages at home never quite rival the authentic offerings at Round Hill.

Managing Director at Round Hill, Josef Forstmayr also agreed that the Sigg-Fanoes were indeed like family. He said, “It is always such a pleasure to welcome the Sigg-Fanoes back home to Round Hill. They’ve been vacationing with us for so many years, we look forward to their visits and always ensure they have a wonderful time. We hold all our guests in high regard and especially our repeat guests as they continuously give us the stamp of approval and encourage us to maintain and improve our product.”