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It’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day!

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after crude oil, and provides employment for around 20 million people. Among the most celebrated gourmet coffees in the world, there are few as prestigious as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

In honour of the inaugural Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Day, here are a few fun facts about our one of a kind – Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee:

  1. Coffee was brought to Jamaica after the Haitian Revolution. In 1728 Sir Nicholas Lawes, Governor of Jamaica, received a gift of one coffee plant from King Louis of France. Once emancipation took place, many slaves left the coffee plantation to grow food and coffee production became a smaller peasant crop.
  2. Blue Mountain Coffee trees take twice as long to mature.
  3. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee demands very specific growing conditions. The soil must have excellent drainage, consistent temperatures and a precise 11.5% humidity content. As such, our unique blend of coffee grows in the Jamaica Blue Mountains between south of Kingston to the north of Port Antonio. The Blue Mountains are the highest mountains in the Caribbean and the only place in the world Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee can be produced.
  4. Jamaica’s annual export of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is over 14 million lb 80% of this goes directly to Japan

Be sure to enjoy the delightful benefits of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffeeest served with the sweeping views during breakfast or treat yourself to
an energizing Round Hill’s signature Jamaican Coffee Bean Delight Scrub – formulated to reduce cellulite, rejuvenate the skin and balance complexion.