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Cool Hotel Rooms You Must Book This Year: Featuring Round Hill

If you’re looking for cool hotel rooms that will make your holiday an unforgettable experience, look no further than the villas at Round Hill Hotel and Villas! We’ve been featured as one of the top 25 best hotel rooms to book for a luxurious, spa-like bathroom escape by USAToday.

USAToday reports: “If there’s one thing we could all use right now, it’s a bit of relaxation and mental decompression. Travel writer Ramsey Qubein shares 25 hotel and resort bathrooms from around the world that are unlike anything you have seen and are perfectly designed for that moment of Zen relaxation…”

“Soak in a bubble bath beneath swaying palm trees or shower amid the lush greenery at Round Hill Hotel and Villas in Jamaica.”

A Luxurious (and Famous) Jamaican Experience

At Round Hill Hotel & Villas, we pride ourselves on being one of the most uniquely designed and famously featured hotels in Jamaica.

DID YOU KNOW? Pineapple House’s 36 deluxe guestrooms were redesigned under the careful direction of Ralph Lauren.

Some of our most luxurious villas have welcomed famous guests from around the world:

Round Hill Villa 10

Villa 10 at dusk at Round Hill Hotel

John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy preferred to stay in this four-bedroom villa with a pool because of its privacy, magnificent view and large lawn, great for entertaining and children’s play. In fact, JFK and Jackie Kennedy honeymooned in this villa.

Round Hill Villa 12

Sunny four-poster bed and footer bench at Villa 12 at Round Hill Hotels

Many musicals have been written in this cottage by the original owner Oscar Hammerstein. History tells us that it is at Round Hill where he met Maria von Trapp and “The Sound of Music” was written.

Round Hill Villa 25

Tropical garden walkway leading to Villa 25 at Round Hill Hotel

This villa was originally owned by dancer and entertainer, Adele Astaire. Later, John F. Kennedy edited and rehearsed his now famous inauguration speech by the pool. You can view several artifacts of his stay and speech in the villa today.

Would you like to see photos of our famous villas? Click here to see the gallery!