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Eggcitement at Home this Easter

This Easter is not like what we have ever experienced at Round Hill Hotel & Villas. Instead of getting to spend your Easter vacation here with us and experiencing the first dazzling vermilion Hibiscus blossoming and drooping gracefully at the gardens at Round Hill or relaxing in our double edged infinity pool while overlooking the perfect sunset; it’s silky smooth collisions of sky burst reds and yellows into the calm of the night, you will have to spend it at home. We know this may be difficult for some persons as you may have wanted to come home to your Round Hill Family and spend Easter with us. You are in our thoughts and your safety is at utmost priority. So just this once, you can stay home, relax with your family and enjoy these eggciting activities while thinking of us.

Contributed Image by Erin Cohen

Home Baking: Jamaican Easter Bun

Easter in Jamaica is marked by the enjoyment and delight of Easter bun and cheese. The tradition of baked goods as offerings to deities made its way from England, where cross buns were made and consumed on Good Friday – with the cross a symbol of the crucifixion. Over time, Jamaica made the original English cross bun its own by using molasses in the mix instead of honey. Since then, bun has been a favourite snack for all ages – usually paired with cheddar cheese.

This Easter, be daring.  Try your hand at making your own moist, delicious, Jamaican Easter Bun, a fun activity which involves all members of the family. Click here for the full recipe.


Another activity that your family can do together is to hide eggs around your home including the sandbox. Not only will it make your kids feel like they are at Round Hill running around with Faith hunting for easter eggs, but it will give them a chance to enjoy Easter morning.

Eggs and Easter go together like presents and Christmas and our kids will love this activity. You can dye and decorate these eggs just as it would have been done at the kids club.

Easter Nest Hiding

Easter Nest Hiding is another fun activity that all members of the family will enjoy.

Who doesn’t like to search the house and yard for baskets filled with chocolate?

Easter nests are hidden for kids (and some grown-ups). The nests are actually decorated baskets or boxes that are filled with chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, candy, and toys and are said to be hidden by the Easter bunny himself. Pretend that you are by the Organic garden overlooking the city of Montego Bay searching for these savoury treats. Maybe if you are lucky you will see the Easter bunny hopping by.

Plan your next Round Hill Vacation

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Even though you may not be at the beach sipping on a Round Hill Special crafted by Stewart it doesn’t mean you can’t plan your next vacation with us. Now that you have some extra time, this is the perfect opportunity.

Stay at one of our secluded villas and enjoy the ultra-spacious, exclusive villa suites uniquely designed with our clients in mind. Equipped with an air conditioned bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Unwind in the semi-private pools nestled in lush tropical landscaping and basks in the stunning views of the ocean from our open aired living room or verandah.

In case you prefer something smaller and closer to the beach, we have our oceanfront rooms that offer sights and sounds of the sea. Listen to the calming sounds of the waves and watch the calm waters of the Caribbean sea while enjoying your morning coffee on your balcony. 

Book by August 31, 2020 for three nights or more and receive a 30% discount.

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While there are many other things that your family can do while at home this Easter, these are a few that will cheer you up and remind you of your extended family Round Hill Hotel and Villas.

We cant wait to see you and your family make new memories on your next visit back. Until then, be safe!