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Gallery of West Indian Art to Exhibit at 2014 Sugar Cane Ball in Aid of Hanover Charities

Painting 1The Gallery of West Indian Art, based in Montego Bay, and internationally renowned, will be showcasing their eclectic collection at the 2014 Sugar Cane Ball being held at the Round Hill Hotel on Saturday, February 15.

Started by Art lover, socialite and designer Liz Delisser, The Gallery of West Indian Art opened its doors on Church Street in Montego Bay in 1972 and was specifically set up to give local and Haitian artisans a place to exhibit and sell their work.

Known for designing the famous bikini worn by Ursula Andress in the James Bond movie Dr No, which was filmed in Jamaica, it was Liz, (who herself had one of the largest intuitive collections), who came up with the idea of the wooden spotted painted animals, that have found homes all across the globe, including Macys and Bloomingdales, and have become signature pieces of collections.

Painting 2The Gallery now carries some of the best artists of Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba, including Albert Artwell, now acknowledged as one of the founders of the Jamaican Intuitive movement; Carl Abrahams sometimes called “The father of Jamaican art,” Andre Pierre, whose highly detailed paintings are considered as some of the most valuable among collectors of Haitian art.

In 1980, Nicky Delisser, Liz’s daughter and grand-niece to the late Willy DeLisser co-creator of Hanover Charities, broadened the Gallery’s inventory to include work by some of Cuba’s top artists such as Orestes Gaulhiac, one of the most accomplished artists in Cuba but who was finding it hard to get work internationally recognized.   Now Gaulhiacs work is increasingly sought after by serious collectors of Cuban art through the Gallery.

“Our galleries are an explosion of creativity and colour”, says Gallery proprietor, Nicky, as she is fondly called. “The almost museum- like quality of so many other galleries is not for us. We are a Caribbean gallery!- We are not demure, we are not shy. We are alive and fun and vibrant! And, like the Caribbean, we love to overwhelm our visitors with the beauty we offer.” Nicky and her partner Stefan who joined the business in 1996 travel to Cuba and Haiti choosing collections for the showroom and ship pieces around the globe for collectors through their website

PaintingHaving moved from downtown Montego Bay to a larger home in Fairfield, the Gallery now showcases art and works from all over the Caribbean as well as India – which is Nicky’s second home.

Says Chairperson of Hanover Charities, Katrin Casserly: “The Gallery of West Indian Art is promising amazing and diverse pieces for sale during the Art Exhibition which opens on Wednesday, February 12th and kicks off events for our Sugar Cane Ball Week.  30% of sales from the exhibition goes to Hanover Charities and we are expecting great support from our local art loving community and visitors”. 

For the Sugar Cane 2014 Black & White Ball, the invitation is open (though limited) and Reservations for the evening can be made via email to

View the invitation here.

Painting 3For more information on Hanover Charities and its projects, to make a donation and to check out the events of the Sugar Cane Ball – visit our website and like us on Facebook.  There is also information on the Round Hill Hotel website