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Hanover Charities Give A Helping Hand

In light of the recent development of COVID-19, Hanover Charities has continued their efforts to support the marginalized members of the parish of Hanover. Through the kind donations of members of the private sector, they are able to continue one of their larger financial disbursement each year – the Kitchen of Love.

This all-volunteer endeavor is an expression of concern for the most vulnerable members of the community. Named after the late Cecile Care – who was a founding member of Hanover Charities and a long-lasting commitment to helping the needy, the “Cecile Clare Kitchen of Love” provides up to 600 hot meals weekly to the hungry, indigent, sick, and housebound residents of Hanover. 

Round Hill continues to work with Hanover Charities to create a platform to raise charitable funds for this purpose while observing all calls for social distancing. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, click here.

Hanover Charities is the local organization that has sponsored our annual Sugar Cane Ball for over 60 years, is a registered charitable organization with U.S. 501c3 status.  For more information, please visit