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Jamaica Villa Spotlight: Deluxe Villa 6

This month, we are featuring Villa 6 – a Deluxe Jamaica Villa with private sunken pool, wraparound deck and incredible views. This 4 bedroom villa features two separate open air living spaces that adjoin to 2 bedrooms each.

What year was Villa 6 built?


How many bedrooms and bathrooms are in Villa 6?

4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms

Who are the staff in this Villa?

Cook Angela Muir, Housekeeper Donna Mollison and Groundskeeper Delroy Reggon.

How many years have they been at Round Hill?

Ms. Muir started in 1992, Ms. Mollison in 2013 and Mr. Reggon has been with Round Hill since 2000.

What is their favourite memory or story at Villa 6?

Angela introduced Byron Harmon to homemade chocolate tea and cornmeal porridge for breakfast the 1st time he stayed at Round Hill, since then he only stays in villa 6 and requests the same breakfast each stay. Delroy loves when guests ask him to pick coconuts off the coconut trees here on property.

What is the “best” feature of Villa 6?

The impeccable service provided by the in-villa staff. They are known for going above and beyond for their guests. Villa 6 is also well known for its pool area, big enough to host up to 10 persons on its deck. It is said that the guests can watch as the sunset from bed in room 47. The close proximity from the villa to the tennis court and main lobby is another benefit guests of villa 6 have.

Is there any interesting décor in Villa 6?

An outdoor shower was recently added to room 47. In 2016 a powder room was added, along with indoor standing showers in rooms 44 and 45.

Have there been any prominent guests?

Byron Harmon (photographer & author), Damien Wayans (actor), Dulé Hill (actor)

What is something we may not know about this villa?

Angela fondly remembers regularly cooking breakfast & lunch for Elizabeth Pringle (late wife of founder, John Pringle). She recalls Mrs. Pringle loving her boiled dumplings, nicknaming them ‘cartwheel dumplings’.

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