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Jamaica Villa Spotlight: Villa 4

Each of our Villas at Round Hill are unique and special, from the layout to the decor to the dedicated staff. Over the next few months, we will be acquainting you with each of our 27 Villas – giving you a deeper look at the history, staff and special features of each. This month, we are featuring Villa 4 – a recently renovated Deluxe Jamaica Villa with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

What year was Villa 4 built?


Jamaica Villa 4 Living Room to Pool View

How many bedrooms/bathrooms does Villa 4 have?

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Villa 4 Living Room & Sitting Area

Who are the staff in this Villa?

Ms. Annette Gilling-Kirlew & Mr. Eton Murray

Villa 4 Staff

How many years have they been with Round Hill?

Ms. Annette began working at Round Hill in 1977 (almost 40 years) and Eton started in 1992 (24 years).

What is their favourite memory?

Ms. Annette is a lady of few words, but it is evident that she loves having families with children at Villa 4. When asked what her favourite memory was she smiled and remarked on one particular 5-year old guest who loves to ask her lots of questions whenever she sees her. Ms. Annette says she tries her best to answer all her questions and find it funny when she asks her parents to translate what Ms. Annette says when she doesn’t understand.

The Villa 4 guestbook is filled with pages of guests remarking on Ms. Annette’s Banana pancakes. When I asked Ms. Annette what was so different/special about her banana pancakes she said “most people make their pancakes by just adding slices of banana to the pancake mix. The difference with hers is that she crushes her banana and mixes them into her pancake mix therefore ensuring that the banana flavour is present in every bite!”

A guest wrote “Stayed at Round Hill for a week and Ms. Annette’s banana pancakes were the highlight of our mornings”.

Villa 4 Patio & Pool

What is the “best” feature of this Villa?

What makes Villa 4 special is its private and secluded feel despite being a short walk to the hotel’s main lobby, beach, restaurant etc. The lush tropical landscaping provides plenty of privacy, and the recently renovated indoor-outdoor living space is quiet and serene.

Villa 4 Pool

Is there any interesting décor?

The vines of the Brugmansia tree/also known as angel trumpet flower are used to make a beautiful flower awning at Villa 4.

Have there been any prominent guests?

Jim Reeves and Rapper Eve Jeffers

Villa 4 Patio to Pool



Have you visited Villa 4? We would love to hear your memories so please share in the comments below. Learn more about Villa 4 and browse our current special offers and packages.