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Kingsley Blake Awarded 2014 “Concierge of the Year” by Caribbean Journal

Many of you who have visited us know Kingsley Blake very well. His signature turquoise jacket, kind eyes and friendly smile have been welcoming guests to Round Hill for over four decades. Our renowned chief concierge could not be more deserving of his recent 2014 “Concierge of the Year” award from Caribbean Journal.

Concierge Kingsley Blake has been welcoming guests to Round Hill since 1974.

Concierge Kingsley Blake has been welcoming guests to Round Hill since 1974.

Born in Hopewell, Hanover, on February 2, 1953, Kingsley has now been with Round Hill for 42 years. Kingsley learned everything about the hospitality business on the job, and it’s easy to see that Kingsley was born to be a stellar concierge. A family man with three grown children of his own – two girls and one boy – he loves to be around kids. In his experience, “If the kids are happy, the family will be happy…and it is the kids who bring families together.”

Kingsley is a kind man who always finds joy in his work. “My daily prayer is that I will be able to make even one person happy at work,” he says. This insight inspires Blake to excel at his duties, which include escorting guests to rooms and arranging tours, transportation and babysitting services. Guests of all ages enjoy talking with the fascinating storyteller.

Kingsley_Travel ChannelKingsley will tell you that the proudest moment in his lengthy career happened when he was a bell captain. On one particular day, he beckoned a frightened 3-year-old girl over to him to say hello. Despite her unsteady gait, she walked to him and held on to his jacket. On seeing her there, her mother let out a shriek and both her and the girl’s father were in a state of shock. They ran over and once they were able to calm down, they told him through tears that doctors said that their little girl would not be able to walk until she was 8 years old. But that day, she walked to Blake, and everyone at Round Hill witnessed a real-life miracle.

We sat down with Kingsley recently to put together a few little known facts about everybody’s favorite concierge. Enjoy!

  • When you’re not working at Round Hill, what do you like to do?
    • I love playing my favorite game, Dominoes, with friends and a Red Stripe. I also love football and cricket
  • What is your favorite food?
    • Jamaican Jerk Pork
  • How Many Managing Directors & General Managers have you worked with in your time here?
    • I have worked with 3 Managing Directors and 6 General Managers
  • What is an interesting fact we wouldn’t know about you?
    • I still have the first $1 tip that I ever received. I received it on November 17, 1972 from a gentleman that drove a Blue Maverick. Now, when I do orientation for people starting at Round Hill, I give each person a $1 bill at the end and tell them, “If you can keep this, you can keep your job.”

Wise words from a wonderful man. Please join us in congratulating Kingsley on this well-deserved recognition. And next time you are at Round Hill, look for him in the turquoise jacket.