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Kingsley’s Corner: Visiting Mayfield Falls

Let us journey with Kingsley, resident concierge and chief smile-inducer, as he educates us about one of Jamaica’s most precious hidden treasures and his favourite chill spot, Mayfield Falls.

Kingsley, Round Hill Hotel and Villas Concierge

Kingsley, Round Hill Hotel and Villas Concierge

Mayfield Falls

Highly recommended by our very own Kingsley, Mayfield Falls is one of the must see adventures that Jamaica has to offer for the entire family.

Located in a quiet, rural community known as Glenbrook in the parish of Westmoreland, this hidden treasure is nothing short of extraordinary. It is just a 1 hour drive from Round Hill, so it’s a perfect day trip during your stay.

Through winding and narrow roads, the trip to Mayfield Falls takes you through the interior parts of the Island. You will pass miles of sugar cane fields, steep hills, tricky slopes and hilly terrains.

Mayfield Falls Jamaica

Gorgeous Mayfield Falls Jamaica

Experiencing The Falls (and Pools)

“You do not climb the falls, you swim in the ponds.” Kingsley stated. “There are 21 swimming ponds and each feels different, starting from an ordinary swim to Jacuzzi type cascades,” he added.

Mayfield Falls Pools

Mayfield Falls Pools

He recounts there also being nine natural Jacuzzis where persons could sit and be massaged by powerful flowing water.

“For the daredevils, there is a springboard atop the trees tempting you to a nine foot dive, even for an old soul like me,” he jokingly said.

“But the adventure gets better. The highlight of Mayfield Falls is the Washing Machine.” Kingsley excitedly blurted out. “This is an amazing group of mini-waterfalls. One has to walk along the edge of the river, hugging the face of the rocks, ducking under and behind waterfalls, before emerging in the middle where you can step on a rock in the heart of a “power cycle” of the Washing Machine. This is the largest and most magnificent of the waterfalls whose rushing waters will entice you to take an invigorating swim.” Kingsley told us.

A Natural Habitat

Rocks and Tropical Flora at Mayfield Falls

Rocks and Tropical Flora at Mayfield Falls

Mayfield Falls is home to over 52 varieties of ferns, an abundance of exotic flowers and plant species, and several types of birds, butterflies, and indigenous wildlife.

“In my opinion, this hidden treasure is the most beautiful scenery Mother Nature has to offer.” Kingsley posits.

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