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Lexi’s Clean Kitchen (@lexiscleankitchen) Returns to Round Hill

Alexis Kornblum Davidson, aka “Lexi”, is the recipe developer, food photographer, and blogger behind Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, which focuses on delicious, clean eating meals and recipes. She is originally from Long Island, NY and now reside just outside of Boston, MA with her husband Mike, and golden retriever, Jax.

We asked Lexi, as she is a frequent visitor to Round Hill, to let us know what keeps her returning, and how she sticks to “clean eating” while on the road. View the interview and photos from her latest trip below.

What keeps you returning to Round Hill?

I love the friendly staff, the quiet and quaint vibes throughout the day/evening, and of course, the cuisine!

What is your favorite drink and/or dish at Round Hill?

I love the plantain chips and tapenade which begin lunch each day, the Busupshut Roti is a delicious meal, and I love the Island Blast Green Smoothie at breakfast, and absolutely loved the tasting dinner! Also, the gluten-free cookies and brownies at afternoon tea are fabulous!

How do you stay on track with your clean eating while you’re on the road?

I try to find places to eat that source food locally, like Round Hill, but also prepare ahead and check out menus so I know what to expect. I travel with snacks, I drink lots of water, and I try to stick with what I know!

What is your favorite thing about Round Hill/Jamaica?

I love the size and unique decor/vibe of the resort.

As someone who travels extensively, what advice would you give to someone who is apprehensive about travelling to Round Hill/Jamaica?

Round Hill is not your typical large-scale all inclusive resort, but it has everything you’d want and more! The food is top notch, as is the service. They are so accommodating!

Enjoy a view of Round Hill from Lexi’s Instagram posts below. Follow her @lexiscleankitchen

Let’s do this, weekend! 🌴🍹 @roundhillresort #roundhillresort

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Tacos with a view 🌊🌴🌮 (And the iPhone 7 plus camera is still impressing me!)

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Things that never disappoint: the sunsets here at @roundhillresort 🌅🙏🏼

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