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Our Top 10 Tips For Solo Travel To Jamaica

Top 10 Tips For Solo Travel To Jamaica

Embarking on a solo travel adventure can be invigorating, eye-opening and unforgettable. Whether it’s your first solo mission or you’re a seasoned expert, we have a few tips to make the most of your upcoming trip.

1. Stay Connected

As a solo traveller, your mobile device is your best travel companion. Ensure that you have your charger and/ extra battery, data service, and an affordable and practical roaming plan. Many people make the mistake of coming to a new country not knowing the exuberant cost of roaming – regardless of the affordability of their mobile service back home. Be sure to always advise your service provider that you will be travelling so they may provide you with the best options to suit your budget. 

2. Connect With Your Local Contacts

Round Hill offers authentic personalized service for with added value on one- of- a- kind experiences. Prior to your arrival, connect with the resort’s Reservations and Concierge team. Feel free to share your preferences regarding room location, dietary restriction, travel essentials, etc. and they would be delighted to tailor your vacation and share recommendations based on your needs. This will certainly make you feel like you are home away from home.  

3. Avoid The Hassle Of Commuting

Enjoy the warmth of Jamaican hospitality and luxury the minute you step foot off the aircraft. Book Jamaica’s premiere airport lounge experience through Club Mobay. They provide fast- track through immigration and customs and have a VIP lounge that offers snacks, bar, Wi-Fi, a business centre and mini-spa facilities. Arrange a private airport transfer from the Sangster International Airport and bask in the comfort of a private 30-minutes’ drive to the timeless location of Round Hill Hotel and Villas. 

4. Be Attentive

Do not listen to earphones in the streets or flash your wealth. You are in a new environment, and no judgement is better than your own. Be keen of your surroundings, especially when venturing off- property as this limits the chances of negligently losing valuables. 

5. Be Social

Whether you are an avid club goer, just like to lyme or like to sit back and relax, there is a hangout spot for you to enjoy the day time and nightlife in Jamaica. The Concierge as well as local hotel staff can provide endless options for your complete enjoyment 

6. Don’t Take Silly Risks

Adhere to the rules and guidelines as instructed by local tourist professionals as these are in place to ensure your maximum enjoyment of your Jamaican experience. Share any medical conditions that may prohibit long duration of specific activities, including long transportation by land or sea. 

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Make New Friends

If you are travelling alone, chances are there are other tourists travelling alone too.If you ever feel alone, book onto a tour and inquire about other possible solo travellers on property. Be open to experiencing new adventures but 

8. Learn About The Local Culture Through Language

Learning a few words in the local language can go a long way. Jamaica’s official creole known as patiosgives foreigners timeless lessons in culture and history. This helps to emerge you in the way of life of the locals and live in the moment.  

9. Drink Responsibly

Red Stripe is a name synonymous with life in Jamaica. However, know when you’ve had one to many drinks. Original Red Stripe has 4.7% vol alcohol, but there are many other options for those who are not usual beer drinkers including flavoured beers, and light options with less calories and alcohol content. 

10. Make The Most Of It

Jamaica is the leading Caribbean destination, and has recently been voted one of the top 3 coolest nationalities. With the perfect blend of both adventure and tranquility, there is an option for every solo traveller.