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Round Hill's Commitment to Local and Organic Products

One of Three Organic Gardens at Round Hill

Round Hill has been lauded for providing its guests with the finest food products, either grown in one of the three organic gardens on property or from Jamaica’s finest local growers and producers. Our guests praise us for trying to provide them with freshly grown local produce, the most valuable items from our garden being cherry tomatoes, all fresh herbs, arugula and baby greens (guests always comment on the inherent spicy flavor of our own arugula as compared to what they’re used to back at home). Our executive chef, Martin Maginley has been able to create for us his trademark “clean, modern Caribbean cuisine” by having a ready organic farm at his fingertips. Click here to view sample lunch and dinner menus.


Three years ago, we were inspired by two of our owners with their concept of a “glorified kitchen garden”, allowing us to focus on freshly grown herbs and green vegetables. Located atop Round Hill bluff, with the perfect combination of weather conditions, the beautifully maintained organic kitchen helps to inspire our executive chef and his team. It also becomes an added attraction for our guests who will go there on specially guided tours or simply visit our “organic farmer” who maintains it. Our more energetic guests can’t miss the gardens as they also serve as the starting point for our nature walk and jogging path.

The resort is totally committed to organic farming methods. This means natural control of pests by planting appropriate items next to each other. The greatest challenge is heat and humidity during the
summer. As a matter of fact, at the start of our rainy periods in June, we usually put the entire garden into “cover crop” production which will release natural nitrogen into the seal and prepare the soil for the drier, winter season plantings. Delroy Reid, aka “Billy”, is our organic farmer who maintains the garden on a daily basis. He is a real farmer from a nearby community.

Our efforts have paid dividends by providing us with most of our fresh herbs and green vegetables. We feature organic garden greens “from our own gardens” on the menu every evening. We have also started to plant our own orchard with lime, orange and grapefruit trees.

Jamaica is most fortunate to have a strong agricultural tradition and lots of varied produce. For instance, at Round Hill we pride ourselves to only serve fresh, tropical Jamaican fruits. We also try to apply this to most of our vegetables and salads. Unfortunately, this is not always possible due to supply and demand fluctuations. Recently the Ministry of Agriculture and the collective tourism industry have improved communications in order to fix the marketing challenges of our farmers. Our Minister of Agriculture has just initiated a special campaign “Eat What We Grow, Grow What We Eat”. This all fits perfectly into our Round Hill concept of supporting local farming communities and to expose our visitors to the breadth of flavors of our beautiful island.

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