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A Taste of Round Hill: Chilled Cucumber & Fennel Soup

Chilled soup on a hot summer day is the perfect way to cool down. Our Cucumber and Fennel soup is a refreshingly light dish that is perfect for summer afternoons.

We proudly showcase fresh vegetables and herbs from our own on-site organic garden throughout many of our dishes. The garden is located at the top of the bluff and guests make take the walking path or a golf cart to visit the sweeping views of both Round Hill Bay and Montego Bay as well as an ever-present cool, Caribbean breeze.

Make this recipe at home with our recipe below.

Chilled Cucumber & Fennel Soup Recipe

5 lbs. Cucumber

2 ½ lbs. Fennel

½ cup Plain Yogurt

1 cup Vegetable Stock

2 oz. Fresh Fennel Ferns

1 oz. Olive Oil

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Lime Juice to taste



Chop all vegetables, set aside. Combine all liquid ingredients in blender with chopped vegetables. Grind/Blend together until smooth. Season with salt, pepper and lime juice to taste. Place in refrigerator to chill and serve.

We hope you enjoy this recipe. What are your favourite “cool” dishes for summer?