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The 2019 Sugar Cane Ball at Round Hill

Round Hill has been a major supporter of the Hanover Charities with its annual Sugar Cane Ball every February since 1957 when the charity was founded. This year, Round Hill will be hosting the event on Saturday, February 16!

As a special opening to the event, an art exhibition by Monique Rollins will be on display in the Pineapple Room at Round Hill beginning Wednesday, February 13.

Hanover Charities plays a major role in Hanover Parish and covers a wide range of projects for its citizens from the very young to seniors. Funds generated from the weekend’s events go towards the foundation’s several initiatives including implementing programs to feed children, the elderly and the indigent, funding health clinics, supporting organizations that promote positive values and education for children, and contributing to scholarships for deserving local students.

The Sugar Cane Ball is truly a don’t-miss-it event on the international social calendar. The event sees over 340 participants including socialites, ambassadors, celebrities, and business leaders from the United States, Europe and Jamaica and raises an average of nearly $200,000 for the Hanover Charities annually.

Come join the fun and fundraising! To RSVP or for more information, please send an email to