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The Gift of Gifting: Round Hill Christmas Cards

Christmas comes but once a year! A time to spread that festive cheer! Here a Round Hill to show we care, we design a unique card every year!

At Round Hill, paradise is found, experiences become lasting memories and guests become family. As a part of our commitment to creating exceptional memories, Round Hill continues to build on traditions that our valued guests have come to love. One of these is the mailing and distribution of personalized Christmas cards each & every year.

A very detailed project that requires all hands on deck, preparation for this highly anticipated keepsake begins as early as August. Here’s how it goes:

First, the unique design for the year is selected and sent off for international production.

Once they return to the property, the cards are all individually signed by members of the Executive Committee and Management Team:

Then, the cards are shipped internationally to be mailed across the US, UK and Canada.

See below for some of our most recent and favourite Round Hill Christmas cards:

2018 | (L-R) Bell Desk Owen, Kevin, Trevor, Junior, Troy
2017 | (L-) Tiffany Foster, Suzette Hylton, Shanna- Kay Campbell, Christina McKenzie, Nikeisha Clarke, Linda Lawrence, Raquel Bernard, Kerisha Fisher- Forbes
2016 | “To di World”
Round Hill Staff members celebrating the victory of Jamaican sprinters at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil
2014 | The Nannies of the Pineapple House
2013 | Pauline Johnson, Laura Mae Gordon, Dave Hamilton, Granville McFarlene, Willesley Jacob, Kingsley Blake, Ina Sharpe- McIntosh, Alman Tate, Lilieth Earle, Robert Gilling, Balvin McKenzie

Then, there are the classics:

2011 |Our beloved Head Concierge, Kingsley Bake
(L-R) Patrick Nolan – Executive Sous Chef, Martin Maginley – Executive Chef, Marvin Robsinon – Range Cook

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(L-R) Oneil Kerr, Kevin Kerr, Steve Bailey, Jevian Gordon, Calvin James, Ronion Wauchope, Ian Lyttle and “Sammy” Ellis.

Did you make it to the nice or naughty list this year? We’d love to hear from you. Comment below and tell us what you think about our Round Hill Christmas card tradition.